STR.CRD is an annual festival with actives in the area of fashion, music, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance in Africa. This, it’s third year was held in the young and hip Maboneng Precinct of Johannesburg, South Africa. The events were held over three days from September 27th to September 30th, with the height of the activities on September 29th. Freshness along with an international crew of media, musicians, artists, film makers and tastemakers were invited to partake and enjoy the festivities of this leading African event.

On the side of STR.GRAF, graffiti legend CLAWMONEY was the artist in residence. CLAW bombed a number of sights around the city and at STR.CRD, she offered a customizing session with Converse.

Watch the STR.CRD documentary trailer here!

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