House of Holland’s Top 8 capsule




The graffiti artist turned fashion designer and the latest Top 8 collaborator.

 Claw Money transformed the world of public art as the first female graffiti artist to collaborate with brands like Nike and Calvin Klein, breaking onto a male-dominated landscape with an overarching sense independence and raw talent.

 Gold has since gone on to combine her two passions - graffiti and fashion – as a stylist, a fashion director for Swindle magazine and a collector of rare vintage pieces.

Now she has focused all that talent on her limited collection for House of Holland’s Top 8 capsule.

 Here's a look at an average day for CLAW$.





I need my coffee in the morning! I'm super grumpy when I get off the train from my uptown commute. I go straight to Puerto Rico Coffee in the Essex Street Market,  love their latest blends.

Then it’s time to open the shop. I sit down to organize the mail and packages, hopefully some contain vintage sunglasses - my passion, to wear or resell.  I feel like you can wear literally anything but if you have on a hot pair of shades you look like a million bucks!


After figuring out if my new/old purchases need some necessary TLC (which they usually do - being ancient and all that), I head over to Sol Moscot Opticians, a Delancey Street legend and New York City staple. They always have the best advice and information on improving my treasures as they are fluent in all things eyewear.


Now hungry for lunch, I hit up Dudley’s (Orchard and Broome Streets) for their Bronte burgers or their tasty rice bowls, depending on my mood. Next door is An-Choi my other go-to, the best for Vientmense in the neighborhood. Their vibe makes you feel like you just walked down a secret corridor straight into Saigon - great for a secret meeting or just wanting to escape the NYC vibes for a few.  



After my belly is full - who wants to go back to work! So let’s mosey on down to Extra Butter (Allen Street, btwn Delancey and Rivington Streets) and to see what is popping with all the new crazy sneakers. Directly across the street (from the back entrance which I use to make a quick getaway) is Max Fish, the watering hole I have been frequenting for the last 20 years or so and I get lured in by all the familiar faces. While drinking my cocktail I realize- OMG, I have to go back to work.

Return back to my retail store Claw & Co (Delancey Street and Ludlow) finish up all the matters at hand and then I call my husband and tell him I am going to be late because I’m a little tipsy and now starving again. I head to the delicious Bacaro (on Division Street), which also has the best wine list in all of downtown and their fried zucchini blossoms are the actual most scrumptious food on earth. I love going to Division Street so I can see my friends at Dah Shop, the half club house, half bike shop on the block. Half my staff is always in there on their time off.

Hugs and kisses for all and now call me a car - I'm done!