Claw Mini Launch 2018

Claw Mini Launch // NYC, September 2018

Claw Mini is a fresh 🆕 clothing line for kids from the child of Claudia Gold—AKA Claw Money. The NYC-based designer and 🎨 attracted notoriety early in her career, for flooding the streets with her signature 📛 icons at a time when🗽was still real grimy. The determination paid off, as she swiftly earned the 🙌 of her peers and a permanent spot in graffiti history. 



The 📛 emblem was ubiquitous in its heyday, as she pushed the unauthorized nom de guerre with the 💪of a commercial campaign. But unlike outdoor ads, all these repetitious self-promotions were artistic one-of-a-kinds. Each symbol boasted its own unique flair and from this genesis, Claw ✍️ inspiration to spawn a group of distinctive characters bearing some of the same mischievous traits as the outlawed letterforms that came before them. And thus, the Claw Minis were officially 🐣! Meet Alien Arthur, Bonnie, Paintin’ Pat, and Blobert. They represent just a few of the colorful personalities in the ever-expanding Claw Mini universe.
As a fierce advocate for equality, mentor to emerging ♀️ artists, and a loving parent, the self-described “momager,” felt compelled to launch a socially-conscious 🏷️ that promotes fun, creativity and inclusion. Claw Mini encourages the youth to explore their 🌌, while offering parents a way to be more mindful of the waste and environmental 🏭 caused by mass-produced fashion. Our gear is built to last and is intended to be ♻️ from generation to generation, like love and good vibes—we call them Claw-me-downs.