HBO Documentary Films released “Banksy Does New York” this November to chronicle the artists’ 31-day stint in our very own, New York. The documentary followed the unleashing of Banksy’s pieces spread borough-wide to be viewed by any and all that happened to catch the undisturbed originals while they lasted.

True to Banksy form the artist kept the city on their toes—keeping his identity anonymous and his locations on lock. In the city that never sleeps, with ears and eyes everywhere, it was no surprise that everyone from city officials to die-hard dog walking Banksy hunters had something to say about Banksy’s NY residency. And it was only natural for HBO to then hone in on world renowned Graffiti artist and influential New York native, Claw Money to be interviewed about the artist running on her turf. As a staple in NYC graffiti history, Claw was able to add in some OG perspective and why it was no shock Banksy picked NYC for his takeover.

You can peep Claw Money in the full-length documentary on HBO On Demand or HBOGo!

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